Kakaoarbo produces its chocolate directly from cocoa beans, sourced in DIRECT-TRADE with cacao farmers and imported by SAILBAOT. Here, there is no blend: each chocolate is made from a single variety of cacao to obtain chocolates with their own characteristics. Only high quality cacaos are selected.

The production comes in chocolate bars, nuts-chocolate spreads, pralines, truffles and seasonal chocolates.


The bars are made of dark chocolate (pure or with almondss, cocoa nibs, …) or raw chocolate (unroasted cocoa). The little chocolate hearts are made of dark chocolate or raw chocolate. The chocolate is made only with cocoa beans and unrefined cane sugar. There is no additional cocoa butter, lecithins or other additives.

The spreads contain nothing but my dark chocolate and nuts (hazelnut or almond to choose from).

All pralines and truffles remain in the spirit of simplicity: a minimum of ingredients, without additives, for high quality and pronounced tastes.

Enjoy !